Spring 2011 Race Day

03/25/12 07:38:24 PM

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Spring 2011 Race Day
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The Pedaled Boxcar Challenge

 Race Day Photos May 17, 2011




On May 17th, 2011, the fifth annual Boxcar Challenge was held and it was almost all student directed. Mr. A was on crutches and couldn't walk to save his life, but he was out there making sure that no one killed themselves and praying that no boxcars would flip over coming around turn 4 (ahmm KELLY!!!) Thank God no was was injured and the students did an awesome job setting up the track, running the tests, moving all of the equipment where it needed to be, and then just having fun with it. From the outcome, it looks like the Kryal family breeds champions. First it was Shane 2 years ago taking the checkered flag, and in 2011, it was Devin and his team of Justin, Kitten, and Patrick winning it all. Mr. A would like to give a special thanks, to Felicia, Kara, Ruben, Kelly, Kate, Crystal, Caitlin, Jennifer, Matt, Jesse, Oscar, Jerry, Kathryn, Adam, Savanah, Victoria, and the rest of my 1st period B-Day for their help, dedication, and great attitudes! Without you, this year's Race Day would have been impossible! 



  Photos by Kate...

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