Spring 2010 Race Day

03/25/12 07:40:26 PM

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On Wednesday May the 12th, Mr. Alvarez’ Algebra II PAP students competed in the 4th running of the Pedaled Box Car Challenge held on the band practice area next to the Field House. The winners are the following: 3rd place goes to Green Shultz, which included Andy, Drew, Cody and Garrett. Second place goes to Team U.G.L.Y. driven by Brittany. And the 1st Place Box Car team is the Junkyard Queens, consisting of Isabella, Jazmin, Kayla, and their driver, Jennifer. The Students Choice award for Favorite Unique Car went to “Big Red” powered by Carlos, Ruben, Ethan, and Elijah. The award for the best new car went to team “MACKO” which includes team members Katlin, Rachel, William, and Zack. There was also a 40 yard dash, where the teams competed against a stop watch to see who would have the best time. The award goes to the racing team of “A and W”, who turned in a time of 9.5 seconds. Mr. Alvarez would like to thank Niko, Kara, and Tapangan Pediatrics for supplying pizza for the spectators and the racers. A very special thanks goes out to Carolina and Jackie for their help and support in this project. Without them, this project would not have been successful for the past 3 years. Once again….Congratulations Team “Junkyard Queens” for winning 1st Place!

  Photos by Jackie...

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