Spring 2008 Race Day

03/25/12 07:41:36 PM

Harlingen South High School
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The Pedaled Boxcar Challenge

 Race Day Photos Spring 2008




On May 14th, 2008, 9 car teams in the Algebra II PAP classes at Harlingen South High School became the first ever to run in The Pedaled Boxcar Challenge. They ranged from modified tricycles turned cars, to PVC based creations, to hot rods formed with fire and steel from the minds of some of the brightest 16 and 17 year olds our city has to offer. And from among these sharp minds, some very fast cars emerged to compete in this now classic race at our school. We definitely had some help getting this show off the ground. Some of the former students who went through the Algebra II PAP program helped make this event a success. Some of these students include Carolina, John, Marrah, Jackie, Clarissa, Nicole, Michael, and of course Kara.
  Photos by Jackie...

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