Harlingen South High School

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Harlingen South High School
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Spring 2011 Race Day
Spring 2010 Race Day
Spring 2009 Race Day
Fall 2008 Race Day
Spring 2008 Race Day
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Welcome to Harlingen South High School

This is our AWESOME school where the vision and the brilliance of intelligence begins. The Pedaled Boxcar Challenge is set to the backdrop of the best High School in town, and the coolest school in the nation. Its inspiration came from the dedicated students that reveal their brilliance in Pre-Advance Placement classes and PAP Tech Academy classes. They use technology and learn from the most technologically advanced teachers in all core and elective studies. We are a community of 2000+ students and 250+ staff, proud, determined, and very excited about eduction. To tell you the truth, Some people dream of being a Superhero...to us, its a way of life.


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