Fall 2008 Race Day

03/25/12 07:41:27 PM

Harlingen South High School
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Fall 2008 Race Day
Spring 2008 Race Day
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The Pedaled Boxcar Challenge

 Race Day Photos Fall 2008




On December 17th, 2008, 12 car teams in the Algebra II PAP classes at Harlingen South High School came together to be graded and race in the Fall 2008 Pedaled Boxcar Challenge. Some of these teams were from the previous semester's Race Day who returned to give some competition to the "newbies." The Pedaled Boxcar Challenge was in its second season and the competition was as fierce as the first time around. The battles started early with very fast designs. The determination of the drivers was evident on their faces as they rounded each turn of the race. One car who I thought was a sure fire winner, lost its momentum when the chain came off its sprocket. A real blow to their race team. But the students, parents, teachers, and spectators had a great time with all of the fast racing. We even had a pizza banquet right after the racing was done. All of the Pizza once again was sponsored by Tapangan Pediatrics. They are AWESOME!!!


Photos by Jackie...

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